A Guide to Shipping Vehicles Interstate with Personal Items

Can You Ship Personal Items in a Car?

Yes, it is possible to ship your car with personal items inside. With the Goods in Car transport service, you are able to move your vehicle with certain belongings packed safely inside.

When people are looking for a way to transport a vehicle long-distance - whether that be between cities or states - it is often because they are moving house. In this case, it is commonplace for people to request that they move goods inside their vehicle to reduce the need for other means of moving items. To make the car transport process more convenient and efficient for these customers, PrixCar offers a goods-in-car service, to make the stressful process of relocation a little bit easier.

Moving your vehicle with goods can make a big difference when moving across a long-distance; however, there are a few rules and regulations around what you can move with your vehicle and how it can be done. In this blog, we’ll supply a helpful guide to shipping a vehicle with personal items to keep this process smooth and stress-free for you.


What Personal Items Can Be Transported Inside a Vehicle?

For the safety of your personal belongings, the vehicle and other items we transit with, PrixCar puts in place some restrictions on the type of goods that can be transported. We require that items are stored correctly, packed with suitcases, removalist boxes or closed travel bags. For this reason, there are only certain types of items that can be included. 

Typically, personal items that can be transported inside a vehicle include:

  • Clothing and shoes
  • Linen and bedding
  • Small furniture and ornamental pieces
  • Books
  • Other personal items that are within the weight limit, non-perishable, and non-dangerous


What Personal Items Cannot Be Transport Inside a Vehicle?

PrixCar cannot transport several items, for our protection, yours and other customers vehicles. If you wonder whether your item can be carried within a car you are looking to get transported, a good question is whether or not the item would be allowed in airplane luggage. We follow similar guidelines to eliminate the risk of incident and get our vehicle to its location safely. This includes:

  • Dangerous items - such as flammable liquids or gases, weapons or illegal products
  • Perishable goods - such as food or plants
  • Oversized or heavy objects


How Should Personal Items Be Stored Inside a Vehicle?

Goods that are stored inside the cars we transport need to be stored correctly for us to be able to carry them safely. This means that items should be placed within suitcases or suitable storage units, as mentioned earlier, and placed in the boot of the vehicle, back section of a wagon or in a ute with a lockable lid. We do not allow items to be kept in the passenger or back seats, and none of the items may be restricting window visibility. 

PrixCar also implements a weight limit of 80kg for the total goods within the car. This is because our carriers will be passing over weight-restricted bridges and roads; therefore the overall weight of our cargo must be restricted. Additionally, items need to be stored neatly and packed so that they don’t come apart during the trip and cause issues within the vehicle. 


We cover how goods should be stored here, with images for reference when packing your belongings.