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PrixCar Car Transport Australia - FAQ Section

Q: How long will it take to transport my vehicle?

Transport times can vary depending on distances, specific transport legs, any special requirements you may have and sometimes events that are outside of our control.

Our standard transit days are available when you request a car transport quote

We understand being without your vehicle can be a significant inconvenience.  PrixCar offers a priority car delivery service that guarantees the delivery of your vehicle by the agreed delivery date or your chosen date of delivery.  For more information, download our Guaranteed Delivery brochure.

You can also discuss these with a PrixCar Customer Relations Officer by calling 1300 660 616.

Q: Do I need to be present during pickup and delivery of the vehicle?

Generally yes. You or someone you entrust needs to be present at both pickup and delivery of your vehicle.

During pick-up and delivery, a vehicle inspection is carried out and signed and the keys handed over to our driver.

For the safety of your vehicle, it will be only handed over to a nominated person on the booking.

Q: Do you transport non-running or damaged vehicles?

We generally do not transport non-running or damaged vehicles.

If you have any transport-related questions about your specific vehicle, please call one of our Customer Relations Officers on 1300 660 616 to discuss further.

Q: Can I leave personal belongings in my vehicle during transport?

For an additional fee, PrixCar will accept car transport with goods inside the vehicle.

PrixCar has multiple value-add service options to choose from: Enclosed Car Transport, Guaranteed Delivery and a Goods in Car service.

These options are available to select at the beginning of the booking process. Once you click BOOK NOW, the Transport Type Selection provides you with these options.

Select vehicle transport type booking process

To provide this service safely, we have explicit requirements on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for travel. Please refer to our Goods in Car Policy brochure which provides details on our car transport service with personal items in the vehicle.

The loading requirements for the goods in car service are strict. They are there as we want to ensure the safe transport of your vehicle. Furthermore, we seek to be a responsible member of the community and as such place great importance on:

  1. Regulatory responsibilities

    PrixCar Transport’s trailers are planned and loaded according to the weight and dimensions of the vehicles being transported as required by the relevant State and Federal Guidelines.

  2. OH&S

    PrixCar Transport seeks to provide a safe workplace for its employees and goods coming loose from vehicles can possibly result in injury or damage.

  3. Community Responsibility

    PrixCar Transport endeavours at all times to be a responsible member of the community and whilst using our national roadways we operate to minimise risk of injury or damage to other road users – goods coming loose from vehicles can result in injury and damage.

  4. Quarantine

    All vehicles travelling into WA and Tasmania are subject to quarantine inspection. Any goods left in a vehicle are subject to inspection which causes possible delays and additional charge to our customers.

Q: What vehicle protection do you provide?

As a part of our service offering to you, we warrant that any physical loss or damage to the Vehicle caused by our negligent act or omission will be Prixcar's liability, subject to the limitations as written in Clause 7 of the Vehicle Service Conditions.

Please ensure that you read and are familiar with our Vehicle Service Conditions.

Q: How do we agree on the condition of my vehicle at collection?

As part of your contract with PrixCar Transport, you will be asked to sign the Transport Contract and Vehicle Condition Report.

A PrixCar Transport representative will survey your vehicle and note its condition on a vehicle diagram on the contract.

You will then be asked to review and sign the contract agreeing to the condition of your vehicle as noted and that you have read and understood our Vehicle Transport Terms & Conditions.

Q: I’d like to pick up my car. Where can I pick it up from?

All of our depot locations can be viewed online.

Q: Does PrixCar Transport also move furniture?

No. As a transport company, our core business and expertise is vehicle transportation.

We partner with many commercial furniture removal companies who can arrange a complete package for you including car relocation in Australia. If you’d like details of our preferred partners, please contact one of our Customer Relations Officers on 1300 660 616.

Q: Can I have my vehicle transported in an enclosed car carrier?


Your vehicle can be transported in an enclosed carrier and we can arrange this specifically to suit your requirements.  At the beginning of the booking process, you can select Enclosed vehicle transport to avail this service.

Learn more about Premium Enclosed Service

Contact one of our Customer Relations Officer on 1300 660 616 and they will be happy to discuss this with you.

Q: Who actually moves my vehicle?

Your vehicle transport is handled directly by PrixCar.

Unlike online brokers who’ll outsource to other companies, your vehicles are transported directly by our people – who are among the most experienced in the car transport industry.

We have our own fleet of equipment, track and trace technology and are also part of the largest national car transport network in Australia.

This means, with PrixCar Transport, you can be confident that you are dealing directly with the company that is moving your vehicle.

Q: How are cars shipped?

Vehicles are transported around Australia by three main transport modes.  They can travel via a truck on a specific car carrying trailer, via car carrying rail services or via a boat.

With each mode of transport, your vehicle will be safely loaded and secured for transportation.

To enable transport across the country, we have a large network of transport depots that vehicles pass through along the way.  It is this National structure and network that gives PrixCar the largest reach in Australia.

Q: How much to deliver a car interstate?

The cost of vehicle transport has many factors, the key factors are the distance travelled, the service area and the size of your vehicle.

Moving a vehicle locally, within the same state, starts from $100.00. Interstate transport as a guide will be around 40 cents per kilometer.

Generally, the further the distance the higher the cost as there is more consumption costs such as fuel and travel time. The vehicle size matters as the larger the vehicle the more space it takes up. The service area can impact price based on its frequency of service. Some remote locations will require dedicated routes which will increase the cost compared to a frequently located area.

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Q: How to ship a car from one state to another?

Book your car with PrixCar and we will remove all the complexities for you. Unlike other car transport brokers, PrixCar controls your vehicle from start to finish. Interstate transport is as easy as booking your transport then letting Prixcar take care of the rest.

Prixcar offers door to door service or depot services for your convenience. If you select door to door transport, PrixCar customer service will arrange with you a suitable time for collection from your house. Your vehicle will then travel through our network and to your desired delivery point. Upon delivery, our customer service staff will arrange a suitable delivery time to hand your vehicle over.

During this journey, you will be able to track and trace your vehicle the entire time and be in touch with our local call centre staff if you have any questions.

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Q: How Safe & Secure will my vehicle be?

The quality of our experienced team is your vehicle’s greatest protection. Your vehicle will be loaded under strict loading requirements and by professional car carrying drivers. PrixCar has invested heavily in state of the art equipment, leading the way with a new fleet of prime movers and car carrying trailers; you can be re-assured your vehicle is in safe hands.

For additional peace of mind we have the option to upgrade to Enclosed Vehicle Transport. These trailers provide protection from the environment that an open air trailer does not.
For the ultimate in vehicle transport, book in our Enclosed Trailer.

Download the Enclosed Vehicle brochure for more information.

All vehicles travel under PrixCar Transport Vehicle Service Conditions and are protected by our Quality Assurance Program.

You can view our Vehicle Service Conditions online or request a copy by phoning 1300 660 616.


PrixCar Transport values service as key to its growth and success in providing logistics services to meet the many varied requirements of our customers.

Continuous improvement is a driving factor in our business. Certification to ISO Quality Standard 9001:2015 is regarded as an operating minimum.


This Quality Assured symbol, which appears on our documents and materials, recognises and commits PrixCar to the delivery of the highest standards in quality service.

As well as a process discipline for our team, importantly it assures our customers that we value service excellence.

If at any time you wish to provide feedback on your experience with our services, we would welcome it as we continue to strive for Excellence at Every Turn.

Q: Road Tolls & Tollways

Trucks and carries travel on highways just like ordinary vehicles and it is not unusual for some of these to be tollways.

It is possible that your vehicle may pass through a toll charge point while it is in our care.

Although most unlikely, if you happen to receive advice that your car has passed through a toll charge point while it is in our care – please contact us on 1300 660 616 immediately.

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