Do You Need Car Transport Insurance When Using Car Carrying Services?

If you putting your car in someone else’s hands worries you, you are not alone. Most people consider their vehicles one of their most valuable possessions, only second to their homes. For starters, choosing a good vehicle transport service is key. Next, you are probably wondering if you need car transport insurance to ensure your car is safe on the trip. We shall answer that later in the piece but first, let us dive more into the steps PrixCar takes to ensure your car is as safe as possible.


What Risks Are Involved in Car Shipping?

While there are many benefits of using a car shipping service in Australia, there are also several risks involved that you should be aware of. 


Weather and Road Conditions, Traffic, and Delays

Whether you are driving a car or using a car transport company, there is always a risk of 3rd party accidents, especially in heavy traffic. If the road condition is poor, the risk of an accident is increased. Roads with many potholes cause the truck to shake, increasing the chances of damage. 


If the weather conditions worsen, drivers may have to go at slower speeds to ensure safety. 


Risks Involved in Open Carriers (Standard Transport Services)

As the name implies, open trucks do not provide cover against bad weather. Since the car is on the move, strong winds can carry objects that may hit your vehicle. A bird smashing against the windows can cause damage as well. 


You can avoid this by choosing an enclosed carrier. They may be more expensive, but you will receive better protection from the standard road risks from stones, debris, and other objects that may damage your vehicle. 


What Protection Does PrixCar Offer Vehicles?

As part of the services offered to you by PrixCar, any damage on your vehicle that is caused by negligence or omission on our part will be our liability, contingent on certain limitations as written in the seventh clause of the Vehicle Service Conditions.


Your vehicle will be loaded by expert drivers under the strictest loading requirements. PrixCar has invested in cutting-edge equipment, leading the way with a new fleet of car transport trailers and prime movers. You can relax knowing your vehicle is in good hands. 


For your peace of mind, you have the option to upgrade to enclosed car transport. Enclosed transport trailers offer additional protection that an open trailer cannot. All cars travel under our Vehicle Service Conditions and are secured by our Quality Assurance Standards.  


Do I need Insurance when Going with Car Transport Services?

Yes, it is recommended that your vehicle is insured for the duration of its vehicle transport. As mentioned above, transport companies will make good on damages that have occurred due to their negligence, however, this does not cover standard road risks, such as stone chips. 


Vehicle transporters, by law, will have a valid auto transport insurance certificate and will have no problem providing it when asked. When choosing a car transport company, consider asking for copies of their insurance certificate. Any good car shipping company in Australia will not have any problem with emailing these documents to you. 


If the carrier does have an accident or if they have been negligent, you want to make sure they have the insurance in place to cover them. 


Don't forget to contact your personal car insurer and inform them of your car shipping plans. Take the time to learn more about what is covered in your insurance policy. 


One more thing… when transporting your car, PrixCar will conduct a vehicle condition report (VCR) before securing your car to the trailer. Be there to witness this inspection and sign the condition report.  Once the vehicle is delivered, you will be asked to complete a vehicle inspection before the transporter leaves. If there is damage, take pictures and note the damage on the survey; this will support your process for a damage claim through the right channels. 


Are you looking for an insured, expert car transport company with door-to-door pickup and drop-off? Prixcar's got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to book car transport.