How to Transport a Car to and from Queensland

If you are considering relocating to Queensland to enjoy the view of the Great Barrier Reef, Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Whitsundays, you have to figure out how you can bring your car with you. You'll need to plan in advance to take into account interstate regulations and the means of transport you'll use.


The first step is to choose the means to transport your car. You can choose from the various options available to transport your car to and from Queensland. Two of the main options available for you are:


Self-drive to and from Queensland

When planning to transport your car to and from Queensland, you may choose to drive yourself to save costs. However, due to the long distances involved, you are likely to get fatigued especially if you are not used to long-distance driving. Also, be prepared to get your car through customs and ensure all documents are in order. This can often be cumbersome and time-consuming.


Self-driving your car into Queensland may save you on up-front costs, but comes with various challenges:

  • The hassle of getting your car through customs and ensuring all documents are in order.
  • Your vehicle may also break down, forcing you to cater for repair or towing costs.
  • It may require you to spend more time learning about routes and interstate regulations.


Use a professional car transport service

Using a professional car transport service to accomplish shipping a car to Queensland can help you circumvent the challenges of the self-driving option. This method also comes with a range of benefits as follows:


Safe shipment

A professional car transport service provides a secure way to move your car to Queensland, with drivers experienced in handling and transporting cars over long distances. When you hire an expert in car transport, you will options for enclosed transport, for extra peace of mind.  You can also have the confidence that professional car transport service providers, like PrixCar, have enacted measures that ensure your car is shipped safely. 


Customized services

A reliable car transport company handles every aspect of your move seamlessly. Your car is picked up and delivered to your preferred destination on time. You can also decide if you want your car to be shipped using premium enclosed services, door-to-door service delivery, or from depot-to-depot. 


Ask for a free quote

Engaging a professional car transport company will provide you with free quotes to help you choose the package that suits your pocket. They will also inform you of the shipment procedure, costs, and the time your vehicle will spend on the road. 


Better customer support services

A professional car transport company will also attend to your questions promptly through their customer support channels. You will be updated continuously on the details of your shipment, and they also respond to emergencies at any time of the day. 


Professional services

Moving your car requires a lot of expertise. Transport companies employ skilled professionals who understand how to properly handle your car and deliver safely and on time. 


Before shipping your car to or from Queensland, you should ensure it has been licensed. Licensing involves:


  • Providing proof of identity
  • Giving proof of car ownership
  • Inspecting your car for roadworthiness
  • Filling and submitting an application to Licence a Vehicle


To be ready for your car's inspection, you should:


  • Clean your car thoroughly to remove any dirt or mud. 
  • Remove any personal belongings, especially flammable items.
  • Get rid of plants, seeds, and leaves in your vehicle. 


Let PrixCar handle your car transport to and from Queensland

At PrixCar, we take the sting out of the long, tedious, and cumbersome procedure of transporting your car to and from Queensland. Years of experience and professional staff can get your car in and out of Queensland smoothly, and at an affordable cost. For more information, please contact us today.