Is Car Carrying Safe?


It can be nerve-wracking to leave your vehicle in someone else's hands, even if this person is a professional. You may have the feeling that something will go wrong when it's out of your sight. This is especially true for most people when shipping their cars. So, is car carrying safe? Read on to find out.


Is Your Car Safe During Auto Transport?

While there are a few risks, such as exposure to theft and crashes, car shipping is generally safe. Most car shipping companies have safety equipment and safeguards to keep your car safe while in transit.


So, one thing you should do when considering transporting your car is to select an auto transport company that has adequate safety measures in place. At PrixCar, we have a passionate team and first-class equipment to safely transport your car across Australia. For additional peace of mind, we have the option to upgrade to Enclosed Vehicle Transport.


In the unfortunate event your vehicle gets damaged during transportation, we will cater for the damages provided they meet our transit damage claim requirements. In the extremely rare instance of something going wrong, we take responsibility for any physical damages or losses to your vehicle caused by our error.


What is a Car Carrying Truck Called?

A car-carrier truck, also known as a car hauler or an auto transport truck, is a truck designed to efficiently transport passenger vehicles. Modern car carrier trucks can be opened or enclosed and usually have ramps for loading and unloading the vehicles, as well as power hydraulics for raising and lowering ramps for stand-alone accessibility.


How are Cars Secured on Car Carriers?

Immobilisation is of utmost importance when transporting your car. This is because, if not properly secured, the movement during transportation may lead to it getting damaged.


That said, car carriers usually use at least four wheel straps, two each in the front and at the rear of the car, to effectively secure the vehicle, thereby preventing it from moving at all. At times there are special mounting points on the cars, but most cars are often secured by a chassis and over and around the wheels.  


Needless to say, you need to transport your car with a reputable car shipper like PrixCar, which has experienced transporters who have high service and satisfaction ratings.


How Much Does a Car Carrying Ship Cost?


How much you will pay for car shipping will depend on various factors, including the service area, distance travelled, and the size of your vehicle. The cost of shipping a car locally within the same state starts from $100.00. Interstate transport will be much more costly and is usually 40 cents per kilometre.


In general, the further the distance, the higher the shipping cost since there are more consumption costs, such as travel time and fuel. The size of the vehicle also matters—shipping larger vehicles is more expensive since they occupy more space. The service area may impact prices based on the frequency of services in the area. For instance, transporting your car to remote locations that require dedicated routes will be more expensive. Additionally, the type of car transport service you opt for (open car transport or enclosed car transport)will determine how much you pay—enclosed vehicle transport tends to be more expensive than open vehicle transport.


What is the Safest Way to Ship a Car?

There are basically three ways of shipping a car in Australia: Via a truck on a specific car-carrying trailer, via a boat, or via car-carrying rail services.


The safest way to transport a car is through enclosed transport. Vehicles transported through the enclosed shipping method are shielded from various elements by the carrier's walls. However, you also need to do your part by properly preparing your car for vehicle transport.


PrixCar Can Help You Transport Your Car Safely

PrixCar continues to be the leading provider of local and interstate vehicle transport across Australia. Service is our passion, and we strive to deliver superior results to our customers. Contact us today to book transportation for your vehicle.