How to Transport a Car Interstate


How can I transport my car to another state without driving it?

Whether you have purchased a vehicle in another city or are relocating entirely, there are times where you may need to transport a car between states, without having to drive it. In these instances, going with a car transport company can allow you to ship your vehicle safely and securely, freeing yourself from the hassle of doing so on your own.


While leaving your car in the hands of a third party can be cause for concern for some, there are a number of benefits in choosing a car transport company to move your vehicle. Going with a reputable car carrier can allow you to save time and money, especially if you need to transport your car a long way. With strict safety processes in place and highly skilled drivers, a specialised company can make vehicle relocation stress-free, ensuring your car makes it from A to B smoothly.


How to Choose a Car Transport Company in Australia

When you transport cars from one state to another, we recommend taking a few steps to verify if the company you are choosing is right for you. This way, you can be confident that eh provider you are going with has the right tools, equipment and expertise to handle your vehicle correctly and reduce any possible risk of damage to your property.


Here are our tips for choosing the right car transport company:


  • Consider the experience and reliability of the vehicle transportation company before selecting your preferred provider.
  • A number of companies are providing free quotes to clients who are interested in hiring their services. These free quotes provide lots of useful help; including vehicle transport guides and details of pickup and dropoff locations. Take advantage of these services to get a better understanding of pricing and the services available to you.
  • Usually, the price depends on the distance, delivery time, and urgent nature of the delivery. From a transport company’s perspective, knowing exactly how you wish to move your car – either locally or interstate – will make it easier to provide you with a quote.


If you would like to know more about choosing a reliable car carrying service, feel free to check out our list of the three biggest mistakes people make when selecting a company here.


How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Car Carrying

Once you have chosen your carrier and are happy with the prices quoted, you’ll need to prepare the vehicle which is going to be carried across the country. Preparing your car for transport involves a number of tasks to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle and others during transit. 


Typically, this involves:

  • Inspecting your vehicle for any damage before the journey
  • Following our guide for goods in car preparation if you are moving personal belongings with your car
  • Ensuring your vehicle is in good operational order


To learn more about preparing your vehicle for car carrying, read our recommendations here.


When you drop your car off, you’ll be guided through a vehicle survey. Together with you, we record the condition of your car before we load it onto the carrier. Again, once the transportation is complete and you come to pick up your vehicle, another vehicle survey will be conducted to ensure your car’s condition is the same as when you left it with us.


Choosing Between Open Car Carriers and Enclosed Car Transport

When you’re deciding on the type of booking, you might like to consider the two main types of car carrying services that are usually provided by established vehicle transport companies. These are open car carriers and enclosed car carriers.


Open Car Carriers

Open car carriers are the most common type of vehicle transportation equipment that most car transporters will offer. With open car carriers, the company will be able to move a larger number of vehicles at any time thus associated costs can be spread amongst more vehicles, passing the savings on to you, the customer.


There are risks associated with this form of vehicle transport since cars are exposed to the elements, such as in extreme weather conditions.


Enclosed Car Carriers

Enclosed car carriers ensure vehicles are completely secured from all external elements although fewer cars can be transported each time thus this option typically costs more (than Open Car Carriers).


At PrixCar Transport we provide both types of carriers. While it’s up to you to decide which service is required for your vehicles, Most everyday vehicles are entirely capable of being transported with our general service. We do suggest that you read our blog on the differences between open car carrying and enclosed carrying, to make the right choice for your car. 


When requesting a quote, you have the ability to specify whether you would prefer Open Carrier (default) or Enclosed.